"gathering winter fuel"


Fuel Poverty: Carers' crisis
To understand the financial burden faced by UK carers, the Policy and Research team carried out a survey looking at the pressures faced by carers during the colder months. the survey  concluded that in recent years the cost of fuel bills has significantly increased, making winter a particularly difficult time for those with limited incomes. 
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Carers UK
-  66% struggled to pay their bills
-  42% faced debt as a result of their energy costs
-  92% had concerns about being able to pay increasingly high energy bills  
-  21% owed around £600 as a direct result of covering fuel bills
-  29% were unable to turn on their heating last winter for 14 days or more
-  25% attempted to cut costs by heating only one room in their home
-  42% wore extra clothes to bed in order to keep fuel costs down
-  87% of carers felt that high fuel costs have caused their physical health to suffer
-  36% of carers experience significantly more physical pain in the winter 
-  81% of those surveyed feel stressed about the high cost of heating their homes.