"gathering winter fuel"


Turn2us - #ShowUsYourWoolly to support No Cold Homes
The idea is to highlight how cold it is at this time of the year by asking people to take a selfie wearing woolly Winter clothes such as a hat, scarf or jumper, and to share it on social media - tagging Turn2us and with the hashtags #NoColdHomes and #ShowUsYourWoolly.
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Government Programme of Home Insulation not working 
The government programme of insulating fuel poor households simply does not work, according to the 2016 Annual Fuel Poverty Report any savings are wiped out by fuel price increases 
2016 Summary
2016 Annual Fuel Poverty Report Released
We now have 2.38 million households in fuel poverty, with the South West at the bottom of the regional list with 12.1% of all households; 1 in 5 single parents families are in fuel poverty

No-one can understand fuel poverty unless they have lived in it - NCB Feb 2016
The National Childrens Bureau 's report on fuel poverty published to coincide with National Fuel Poverty Day highlights problems for young families in fuel poverty.

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