"gathering winter fuel"


Too Poor to Stay Warm  - Panorama 26th March 2016
BBC's Panorama in depth look at fuel poverty highlighted a number of problems.

  • Cold Homes caused 9,000 deaths last winter
University College London has concluded that in 2015 there were 9,000 of the excess  winter deaths were directly attributable to low indoor temperatures.

  • Olive (77) sleeps in her livingroom because her bedroom is so cold
Thousands of families live in one room over winter because they cnnot afford to heat all of their home.

  • An end to fuel poverty?
In the year 2000, Parliament agreed to end fuel poverty by 2016. But 16 years on, more than a million working families still cannot afford to heat their homes. One family - Hayley, her partner Dan, and two children - are struggling.
Cold Homes
An Anatomy of a Cold Home